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    RSJ Steel Beam Supplier Prices

    How Much rsj Beam Cost?

    What Are The Steel Beam prices?

    For estimating a RSJ Steel Beam , there are many different types of steel beams: Universal Beams (UB), Universal Columns (UC), Parallel Flange Channels (PFC), Parallel Flange Channels (PFC), Tapered Flange Beams (TFB),Circular Hollow Sections (CHS),Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS),Square Hollow Sections (SHS),IPE Beams,HEA, HEB, and HEM Beams .

    You need to send us the measurements for your project and postcode for delivery and we will calculate the best price for you.

    Call us or send us an email with your project specifications to keep the conversation organized.

    We can provide all types of steel beams with all accesories, bearing plates, bolts , etc.

    Best rates for all your steel work projects in London

    RSJ Steel Beam Supplier list Prices / Rates
    Universal Beams (UB) £POA
    Universal Columns (UC)  £POA
    Parallel Flange Channels (PFC)  £POA
    Parallel Flange Channels (PFC)  £POA
    Tapered Flange Beams (TFB)  £POA
    Circular Hollow Sections (CHS)  £POA
    Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS)  £POA
    Square Hollow Sections (SHS)  £POA
    IPE Beams,HEA, HEB, and HEM Beams  £POA

    Customer Reviews

    "I recently purchased RSJ steel beams for my construction project from this company, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. From the moment I contacted them, their customer service was top-notch, providing clear communication and helpful guidance throughout the process. The RSJ steel beams I received were of exceptional quality, precisely cut to my specifications, and delivered on time. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of reliable steel beam solutions." "

    Brian Smith

    customer in London

    "I've been sourcing RSJ steel beams from this company for several years now, and they continue to exceed my expectations every time. Their dedication to providing top-quality products and personalized service sets them apart from other suppliers. Whether I need standard-sized beams or custom-cut solutions, they always deliver with precision and efficiency. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to go the extra mile to meet my requirements. If you're looking for a reliable RSJ steel beam supplier, look no further than this company."

    Fiona West

    customer in North London

    " As a contractor, I've worked with many suppliers over the years, but none have impressed me as much as this RSJ steel beam supplier. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction are unparalleled. Whenever I need RSJ steel beams for my projects, I know I can count on them to deliver high-quality products, on time and within budget. Their expertise in the industry makes them a valuable partner for any construction project. Highly recommended!"

    Amelia Harrold

    customer in south london
    universal steel beam rsj
    universal steel beam rsj has been in the business of supplying a wide range of major sites in the UK with steel beams of superior quality for a significant number of years. We are a major provider of structural steel, and as such, we are quick to understand the requirements of our customers and ensure that each supply is made in a reliable and timely manner.

    Our company’s headquarters are located in London, and we distribute a wide variety of steel beams, such as universal beams, universal columns, RSJs, parallel flange channels (PFC), and angles.


    A diverse range of sites in London, the South, and the Midlands are among those we service. We are able to provide you with the high-quality steel that you require for the construction, refurbishment, restoration, or conversion project you are working on.



    Steel Beam

    Quality Steel Beams Delivered Direct-to-Site
    We are a leading supplier of steam beams throughout London, the South & Midlands, which are available in all sizes with very-fast delivery.



    steel girder

    When it comes to constructing robust and enduring structures, the use of steel as a building material has long been a hallmark of strength and reliability. Among the various steel components used in construction, steel girders stand out as essential elements that provide critical support, stability, and structural integrity. In this article, we will explore the significance of steel girders in the construction industry, their types, applications, and the role they play in shaping our built environment.
    The Role of Steel Girders:
    Steel girders are horizontal load-bearing members that play a foundational role in the construction of buildings, bridges, highways, and a wide range of infrastructure projects. They are known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them a preferred choice for supporting heavy loads and spanning long distances.
    Types of Steel Girders:
    I-Beams: I-beams, also known as “rolled steel joists” (RSJs) or “universal beams,” are one of the most common types of steel girders. Their distinctive “I” shape provides a high moment of inertia, allowing them to efficiently resist bending and torsional forces.
    H-Beams: H-beams, or “universal columns” (UCs), have a vertical “H” shape. They are often used in conjunction with I-beams to provide additional vertical support in construction projects.
    Box Girders: Box girders have a hollow rectangular or box-like cross-section. They are used when a combination of high strength and aesthetic appeal is required, making them suitable for bridges and architectural applications.
    Plate Girders: Plate girders are made by welding together steel plates to form a girder. They are highly customizable and often used in long-span bridges and industrial structures.
    Applications of Steel Girders:
    Building Construction: In the construction of buildings, steel girders are used for structural support in various applications, including framing, roofing, and creating open interior spaces.
    Bridge Construction: Steel girders are a fundamental component of bridge structures, providing the necessary strength to support the weight of vehicles, pedestrians, and environmental forces.
    Highway and Infrastructure Projects: Steel girders are used in the construction of overpasses, viaducts, and highway bridges, ensuring the safety and durability of transportation infrastructure.
    Industrial Facilities: In industrial settings, steel girders are used to support heavy machinery, cranes, conveyors, and other equipment, allowing for efficient manufacturing and logistics operations.
    Architectural and Design Elements: Steel girders can be incorporated into architectural designs to create visually striking features in commercial and residential spaces, combining both form and function.
    Advantages of Steel Girders:
    Strength and Durability: Steel girders provide unmatched strength and durability, ensuring the long-term stability of structures.
    Versatility: They can be customized to fit various architectural and engineering requirements, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
    Cost-Efficiency: Steel girders are cost-effective due to their longevity and low maintenance requirements.
    Sustainability: Steel is a highly recyclable material, making steel girders an environmentally friendly choice.

    buy a beam rsj steel
    buy a beam rsj steel



    flitch beam

    Flitch beams offer a unique twist by combining the strength of steel with the natural warmth of wood. These beams consist of a steel plate sandwiched between two wooden beams. This combination capitalizes on the superior load-bearing strength of steel and the aesthetic appeal of wood.



    rsj beam

    RSJ, or Rolled Steel Joist, beams are a common sight in construction projects worldwide. Their “I” or “H” shape provides exceptional strength while minimizing weight. RSJ beams are the go-to choice for architects and engineers when designing structures that require load-bearing capabilities, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.


    rsj steel

    Behind every RSJ beam is RSJ steel, the material that forms the backbone of these load-bearing giants. RSJ steel is known for its exceptional strength and durability, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of structural applications. Manufacturers carefully roll and shape the steel to create RSJ beams that meet stringent industry standards and safety requirements.

    In conclusion, steel beams and girders, including RSJ beams and flitch beams, are the unsung heroes of construction and structural engineering. They provide the strength and versatility needed to bring architectural visions to life while ensuring the safety and longevity of our built environment. Whether it’s the timeless durability of RSJ beams or the unique combination of steel and wood in flitch beams, these materials continue to shape the world of construction.




    RSJs, also known as universal beams or I-beams, are the workhorses of the construction industry. Their distinctive “I” shape is designed to efficiently distribute weight and resist bending. RSJs are prized for their versatility and are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.


    Supporting building foundations.
    Creating open and spacious interiors.
    Constructing roofs, floors, and mezzanines.
    Sturdy load-bearing walls in commercial structures.



    h beam

    H-Beams (Universal Columns):

    H-beams, or universal columns (UCs), have a vertical “H” shape and work in tandem with RSJs to provide additional vertical support. They are vital for maintaining structural integrity in various construction projects.


    Reinforcing walls and columns.
    Supporting heavy machinery in industrial settings.
    Combining with RSJs to create robust frameworks.

    metal steel beams supplier
    metal steel beams supplier


    metal beam


    universal beam

    Universal beams encompass both RSJs and H-beams and are often used interchangeably. They are ideal for applications where high load-bearing capacity and stability are crucial.


    Residential and commercial buildings.
    Bridge construction.
    Industrial facilities.


    flitch plate

    Flitch plates take a unique approach by combining the strength of steel with the aesthetic appeal of wood. They consist of a steel plate sandwiched between two wooden beams. This combination offers both structural support and a touch of natural warmth.


    Residential constructions where aesthetics are essential.
    Architectural projects seeking a blend of steel’s strength and wood’s appeal.
    Restorations and renovations in heritage buildings.


    steel beams for sale

    The availability of steel beams for sale is essential for construction and engineering professionals. Whether it’s a small-scale residential project or a large-scale industrial endeavor, having access to a variety of steel beams allows for flexibility in design and construction.

    Considerations when purchasing steel beams for sale:

    Choose the right type of beam for your specific project requirements.
    Ensure the supplier meets industry standards and offers quality products.
    Verify that the beams are suitable for your project’s load-bearing needs.
    Confirm that any customization or fabrication requirements can be met.


    steel beam prices

    Steel beam prices can vary significantly due to several factors:

    Beam Type: Different types of steel beams, such as RSJs, structural steel beams, PFC beams, and flange beams, have varying price points based on their size, load-bearing capacity, and application.

    Size and Dimensions: The size and dimensions of a steel beam directly impact its price. Larger and heavier beams typically cost more.

    Length: Longer beams will naturally be more expensive than shorter ones. Accurate measurements are crucial to avoid material wastage.

    Quality and Grade: The quality and grade of the steel used also influence the cost. High-quality steel may command a premium price.

    Customization: If you require customized beams with specific drilling, notching, or other modifications, this can add to the overall cost.


    rsj cost

    RSJs, or Rolled Steel Joists, are a common choice for structural support due to their versatility and load-bearing capacity. Prices for RSJs vary depending on size, grade, and market conditions.


    structural steel beams

    Structural steel beams encompass a broad category of steel beams used in construction, including I-beams, H-beams, and other custom profiles. Prices can fluctuate based on the type, size, and specifications of the beams.



    pfc beam

    PFC beams, or Parallel Flange Channels, are known for their cost-effectiveness and suitability for various applications. Their prices are competitive, making them a popular choice for construction projects.



    rolled steel joist


    flange beam

    Flange beams, with their unique design and load-bearing capabilities, can come at different price points depending on their dimensions and specifications.


    metal support beam

    Metal Support Beam: The Backbone of Structural Stability

    Metal support beams are the unsung heroes of the construction world. These sturdy, load-bearing components provide critical structural support to buildings and various infrastructure projects. Typically made from steel due to its strength and durability, metal support beams come in various shapes and sizes to cater to different construction needs.

    Their primary role is to distribute the weight of a structure and provide stability, ensuring that buildings can withstand various environmental forces. Whether you’re building a skyscraper, a bridge, or a residential home, metal support beams are essential for maintaining the structural integrity and longevity of your project.

    uc beam

    UC Beam: Versatile and Reliable in Construction

    UC beams, also known as Universal Columns, are fundamental elements in construction and engineering. These beams feature a vertical “H” shape, making them particularly well-suited for providing vertical support in a wide range of construction applications. Their versatility and load-bearing capacity make them indispensable in projects of all sizes.

    UC beams are often used in conjunction with other structural components to create sturdy frameworks, support heavy loads, and ensure the structural stability of buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities. Their ability to withstand significant loads while maintaining stability makes them a top choice for engineers and builders.

    steel support beam

    Steel Support Beam: Strength and Stability in One

    Steel support beams, regardless of their specific type, are synonymous with strength and stability in construction. These beams are crafted from steel due to its remarkable load-bearing capabilities and resistance to bending and deformation. Steel support beams come in various shapes and sizes, including I-beams, H-beams, and more.

    Their primary role is to provide structural integrity by distributing loads evenly, ensuring that buildings and structures remain standing and secure. Steel support beams are critical components in a wide array of applications, from residential construction to industrial projects, where their strength and dependability are indispensable.


    ub beam

    UB Beam: Universal Beams for Varied Applications

    UB beams, often referred to as Universal Beams or Rolled Steel Joists (RSJs), are iconic for their distinctive “I” shape. This shape efficiently disperses weight and resists bending, making UB beams versatile and suitable for a multitude of structural requirements.

    From supporting building foundations and framing roofs to creating open interior spaces, UB beams play a pivotal role in modern construction. Their adaptability, load-bearing capacity, and durability make them a staple choice for architects and engineers seeking reliable structural solutions.


    steel beams near me

    Steel Beams Near Me: Convenient Sourcing for Projects

    When embarking on a construction project, finding “steel beams near me” is a practical step to ensure efficient sourcing and delivery. Local steel suppliers offer convenience and often quicker turnaround times, which can be invaluable for project timelines and budgets.

    Local suppliers specialize in structural beams, providing insights into product availability, customization options, and competitive pricing. Whether you’re constructing a residential addition or a large-scale industrial complex, exploring local steel suppliers is a strategic approach to ensure you receive quality steel beams that meet your project’s specific needs.


    steel h beam

    Steel H Beam: The Power of Horizontal Strength

    Steel H beams, characterized by their horizontal “H” shape, harness the immense strength of steel to support heavy loads and provide stability. These beams are instrumental in the construction of buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities where strength and load-bearing capacity are paramount.

    The horizontal “H” profile efficiently distributes weight and resists bending forces, making steel H beams ideal for applications where structural integrity is critical. Architects and engineers rely on these beams to create robust and enduring structures that can withstand the test of time.



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    Get the Best RSJ steel beam quotes in United Kingdom


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